The largest network of modern ophthalmological centers in London. 9 diagnostic and surgical centers. We provide all types of ophthalmic services, diagnose and treat any eye diseases in adults and children. All centers are equipped with equipment from leading manufacturers. We are opening new centers to become closer and more accessible to you. In an effort to be the benchmark for ophthalmologic services, we combine the highest professionalism and emotional attitude towards each patient.

Ophthalmological clinic in London

LOM is the largest network of ophthalmological centers in the city of London. Each of them is a specialized ophthalmologic clinic, with the best European equipment and world-class professionals. The clinic employs more than 40 experienced ophthalmologists.

Our team of doctors are candidates of medical sciences, ophthalmic surgeons – full members of the European Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgeons, as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ophthalmologists of all categories. They apply the most effective and modern technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Since 2016, LOM Clinic is the Reference Center of the American company Alcon – one of the world leaders in the manufacture of ophthalmic equipment and products. This Status emphasizes the availability of modern equipment in our clinics, as well as enables our doctors to train their colleagues in new areas of diagnostics and surgery.

It’s no secret how good vision is to a person. Today, your health and the health of your eyes depends on the quality of the equipment and on the professionalism of the doctor who conducts the examination.

The main goal of our work is to return you the opportunity to see the world as bright and clear as it should be. And we have everything to do it.

Trust your health to professionals and come to the examination at the LOM ophthalmological centers in London. You have the opportunity to choose a clinic that is located as close as possible to your home or place of work. And this is a time saver.

The Clinic for Ophthalmic Surgery “LOM” is a unique ophthalmologic clinic for modern medicine, which provides services for eye surgery and therapeutic care for people who have vision problems.

Ophthalmological center

Ophthalmological center “LOM” has been operating in London since 2010. We find a universal approach to every person; among our patients, people of different age categories with different ophthalmologic diseases. We guarantee every patient a quality and safe treatment.

There are dozens of eye clinics in London, but there are many advantages of treatment in our country ..

In the clinic “LOM” modern equipment is used, and this is known as one of the main components of accurate diagnostics with subsequent treatment. Our staff is experienced ophthalmologists who are involved in the creation of new methods of treating vision problems ..

The experience and knowledge of specialists in our eye surgery clinic is the key to your safe, effective and high-quality treatment ..

Eye clinic

The VOM Restoration Clinic is a specialized ophthalmology clinic in London, with the best European equipment and world-class professionals.

Pay attention to the health of your eyes and trust the professionals in the field of ophthalmology. Many factors affect visual impairment. In order to avoid problems and complications with your eyes, you need to undergo a full diagnosis of vision in the clinic of ophthalmology (eye hospital).