Full diagnosis

Check your vision

You can check your eyesight at the clinic, one of the best. Thanks to a group of highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, computer vision diagnostics is available today, which is not only better, more accurate and more profound, but also faster and more convenient for the patient compared to manual obsolete technology.

Due to the timely diagnosis of vision today it is possible:

  • time to detect violations and diseases of the human visual system;
  • detect hidden diseases that, with their further development, become intractable;
  • to develop an effective individual treatment method in order to completely get rid of the disease.

The simplest and most effective decision that you can make today to maintain good vision is an eye test. London has become the place where the best vision diagnostics experts gathered from all over the country. Entrust your eyesight to a professional LOM clinic. Eye diagnosis is a necessary preventive manipulation that should be done at least once every six months. Complete vision diagnostics is the best method to protect yourself from the development of dangerous and hidden diseases of the visual apparatus. According to the statistics center and the estimates of the leading ophthalmologists of the country, with the systematic diagnosis of vision and regular visits to the doctor, the risk of developing a serious disease does not exceed one hundredth of a percent. Thus, continuous diagnosis is a guarantee of healthy eyes and acute vision.