All optics are located on the territory of clinics, which makes it possible to expertly pick up glasses and contact lenses of any complexity on modern ophthalmological equipment. We offer the selection and manufacture of glasses of any complexity, including office, progressive and glasses for drivers

How to choose a frame and optimal optical lenses?

Advantages of vision correction with the help of glasses:

  • – ease of use and care;
  • – image of an intellectual;
  • – A wide range of fashionable frames in various price categories;
  • – A wide range of spectacle lenses for the correction of various visual defects.
  • – an optical lens with glasses can have not only a correction, but also be sunscreen – “two in one”;
  • – lack of contact with the eye and the risk of infectious eye diseases.

What soft contact lenses to choose?

Freedom of creative ideas and experiments, quality, protection and convenience. Attention to every detail that can change not only the appearance, but even the fate of a person.

Advantages of soft contact lenses:

  • – invisible
  • – expand the possibilities of sports
  • – do not limit the field of view
  • – ideal and sometimes the only method of vision correction with a large difference between the eyes on the strength of the lenses (anisometropia)

do not fog up

– allow you to lead an active lifestyle

– color contact lenses will help to change your image